What's in a name?

Gaia in Greek Mythology is the source of the Universe. In modern usage, Gaia is recognized as the spirit of Mother Earth. Drawing from the same, Gaian Group is an embodiment of the same spirit of creation. Gaian Group aims to empower people with the ability to create, innovate and build sustainable societies.

We at Gaian envision a socially connected world that is powered by our vision, values and success. The name Gaian elicits everything that is inspiring, bonding and compassionate. The name for us signifies harmony, wholeness and balance in business as well as life. Our group logo symbolizes the values and beliefs that guide our business, that serve as a cornerstone for our entrepreneurial endeavours and installs a sense of pride, harmony & attachment in all of our co-workers spread across the globe. While the vibrant colors of nature depicts life and harmony, our logo as a whole represents the power of connected world, nurturing and ensuring continuity and integrity.


Our vision is to bring change through innovation and modern technology, enhance lives of people and continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate, creating a better tomorrow than today.


Create value through technological advancements in an increasingly connected world through innovation, creativity and realize the tremendous potential of an advancing planet.