“Gaia” in Greek Mythology is the source of the Universe. In modern usage, Gaia is recognized as the spirit of Mother Earth.

Drawing from the same, Gaian Group is an embodiment of the same spirit of creation. Gaian Group aims to empower people with the ability to create, innovate and build sustainable societies.

True to the values of Gaian group, the purpose of Rural BPO (RBPO) is to enable women from rural communities to create livelihoods for themselves to uplift their immediate society. This is done by providing white collar job opportunities where these women work on IT enabled services like document digitization through scanning or data entry.

The first set of employees for RBO were hired in April 2015 and were provided skill training in IT and IT Enabled activities. We plan to expand to 5 operational centers by end of 2015.

RBPO is an eye-opening experience for Gaian as well as we are sensitized to ground realities for working women in rural areas. It reinforces our courage to dream and conviction to make things happen.