Gaian Solutions is a media technology platform company that is a leading edge provider of products and solutions for the Media and Entertainment industry. Gaian’s systems cater to all aspects of the content distribution value chain performing all standard tasks in Content Capture, Ingest, DRM, Asset Management, Content Distribution, Content Streaming and finally STB solution for delivery over Cable, Satellite, OTT & IPTV platforms. Gaian Installations are spread across the globe including US, APAC, Mexico, Maldives and India.

Our solutions include :

GAIATV- A PayTV middleware/apps platform enabling MSOs/VSPs to quickly offer smart/connected TV services. Gaia TV is a first of its kind service which brings together, the traditional world of linear television with a ‘future ready’ strap on layer of unique value additions & new revenue generating services. The pioneering technology platform behind GaiaTV is crafted to revolutionize content delivery and consumption through an MSO’s network.

MAYA TV - A localization platform that enables TV Networks/broadcasters/channel operators multiply revenues & enhance content experience. MAYA offers exciting real time localized cloud content services thus offering powerful tools to enhance your programming content. It has potential to change your revenues by orders of magnitude.

SAYA - An enterprise TV platform serving retail/gov/hospitality/health care departments with specialized vertically intergrated content delivery solutions. Deliver high definition, targeted and compelling content by combining video, audio, images, text, RSS feeds, outside channels and also increase your revenues through sponsored ads while managing all operations from a central location.